What is the Trinity College London CertTESOL?

The Trinity College London Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CertTESOL) is an internationally accepted teaching qualification aimed at introducing aspiring teachers to contemporary language teaching methodologies. It is also appropriate for experienced teachers looking for respected validation.

The CertTESOL is rated at Level 5 on Ofqual’s Regulated Qualifications Framework (UK), a comparable level to the second year of an undergraduate degree and is particularly recommended for anyone looking to enter the field of teaching English, especially as a foreign or second language. The Trinity College London CertTESOL is accepted by the British Council and other international teaching organisations around the world as an English language teaching certification.

Why should I do my CertTESOL at CILA?

That’s a good question! Here are 4 reasons why:

  • We have highly-trained professionals. Our course is led by instructors who have completed their Level 7 TEFL qualifications and have more than 20 years of experience in the field. You can get to know them better here.
  • We have well-equipped smart classrooms. Be it teaching practice or input sessions, we have classrooms equipped with OHPs, desktops with active internet connections, and smartboards, allowing you to experience, implement and experiment with modern-age teaching technology.
  • We are the only Trinity College London CertTESOL centre in India. We are the only provider of the course in the country, allowing Indian nationals a chance to fulfil their dreams without leaving the country and providing foreign nationals the opportunity to experience the wonders of India while doing the same! Find us on the list of official CertTESOL certifications providers here.
  • We are located in the heart of God’s own country. Need we say more? CILA is situated in Angamaly, a suburb of Kochi which makes it the perfect place to experience Kerala while also allowing you the right environment to focus on a course this intensive. Attractions like the Athirapally Falls, Fort Kochi, Cherai Beach and Lulu Mall are only 1-2 hours away, should you need respite from your coursework and the area is surrounded by restaurants that offer one the opportunity to sample authentic Kerala cuisine. The airport is only 6 kms away from CILA too, which makes it extremely convenient for those coming from outside.
Unit Assessment Description
Pre-Course Assignments Not Assessed These include a range of readings and exercises/assignments aimed at introducing participants to basic concepts in grammar, phonology, materials creation, and teaching methodology, in preparation for the course.
Unit 1 – Teaching Skills Internally Assessed - graded A, B, C or fail based on express criteria This unit introduces participants to contemporary practical teaching skills and methodologies. It includes guided observations of experienced teachers, plus a minimum of six hours of observed teaching practice, where trainees are given the opportunity to practically apply what they have discussed during classroom input. Featuring feedback and reflection, the unit gives new teachers both teaching knowledge and practical classroom experience.
Unit 2 – Language Awareness and Skills Internally Assessed - graded A, B, C or fail based on express criteria This unit builds knowledge of language itself, including lexis, grammar, phonology and discourse. The unit also looks at assessment of language skills and the different varieties of English around the world.
Unit 3 – Learner Profile Internally Assessed - graded A, B, C or fail based on express criteria This unit entails working one-on-one with a real learner, requiring course participants to identify their learner’s strengths and weaknesses and diagnose their learning needs, and areas of improvement. They are then expected to plan learning to help their learner overcome their shortcomings as a speaker of the English language.
Unit 4 – Materials Assignment Externally Assessed - graded A, B, C or fail based on express criteria This unit looks at classroom materials and supports teachers’ ability to use, adapt, produce and evaluate materials in a classroom setting. Participants are required to create one classroom activity with a rationale in mind, use it in a classroom session and then reflect upon its practicality, merits, shortcomings, etc.
Unit 5 – Unknown Language Internally Assessed - graded A, B, C or fail based on express criteria This unit covers what it’s like to learn a new language, putting course participants in the place of learners. This helps them build empathy with learners and also demonstrates effective teaching techniques.

How is the course structured?

The CertTESOL is a 5-week course, generally structured as follows:

Week 1
  • Introduction to language awareness, teaching skills, phonology and lesson planning.
  • Unknown Language Course
  • Guided Observation 1
  • Teaching Practice and Feedback
Week 2
  • Approaches and methods in ELT
  • More on grammar and phonology
  • Guided Observation II
  • Learner Profile – Needs Analysis
  • Materials Assignment – Setting the foundation
  • Teaching Practice and Feedback
Week 3
  • More on teaching methodology and skills
  • Grammar in depth
  • Guided Observation III
  • Learner Profile – Lesson Planning
  • Teaching Practice and Feedback
  • Mid-Course Appraisal
Week 4
  • Language analysis and teaching skills in depth
  • Guided Observation Journal
  • Learner Profile – One-on-One Lesson
  • Teaching Practice and Feedback
Week 5
  • Concluding sessions on language analysis and skill development
  • Materials Assignment – Review and Report
  • Professional Development
  • Language Awareness Test
  • Materials Assignment Interview

How much would I have to pay?

If you wish to take up the CertTESOL at CILA, you will have to pay ₹ 1,40,000/- which includes the training fee, exam fee and certificate fee. It also includes all facilities, materials and resources provided such as books needed for the course, library access, access to computers with a Wi-Fi connection, printer access with a provision to print the first 500 sheets for free, tea and coffee during breaks, a bus service to and from the main gate, and an airport or railway station pick-up at any time of the day upon your arrival in Angamaly.

Information for International students

If you are accepted on a Trinity College London’s CertTESOL course (OFQUAL LEVEL 5) or the DipTESOL course (OFQUAL LEVEL 7) at Cochin International Language Academy – CILA, India, Kerla, we will provide you with all the documents you need for applying for a student visa. Usually, the visa is granted and you will be given a visa that is longer than the course. After completing the course, you are allowed to travel around India with a student visa. We shall assist you in finding a suitable accommodation for your stay. There are various accommodation options available near to CILA. Please feel free to ask all your questions during the interview. The fee for Trinity CertTESOL course for the year 2023 will be INR 140000 (USD 1700, GBP 1400).

Kerala is a sub-tropical paradise and sunshine is guaranteed for most of the year. We are located near Cochin International Airport (COK) so it is easy and convenient to come to Kerala as there are flights from most countries via the Middle East. There are abundant opportunities to explore the beautiful and sunny beaches, waterfalls and you can cool off in the hill stations like Munnar and Wayanad.

CILA is a well-equipped and modern institution so you can use the up-to-date technology and be ready for traditional classrooms as well as digital ones. The students are a joy to teach as they are very motivated and open to learning. Most of them are young adults who are taking international English tests as they want to better themselves, looking for jobs overseas and in India where they are required to use high level English.

People in Kerala are known for their hospitable and kindly approach to people from other countries. Added to that, there is abundant food grown in Kerala as a result of the Monsoon climate and there are three harvests a year. As a result, it is possible to buy delicious fresh produce cheaply. There are also very modern shopping malls, offering both local and international products so a huge range of goods is available.

The staff members at CILA are highly qualified and the Cert and Dip are taught by a mixture of British and Indian staff.

Trinity College London Certificate in TESOL Course Dates in 2023

Start Date


Apr 2023
Full-time Face-to Face

End Date


May 2023

Start Date


May 2023
Full-time Face-to Face

End Date


June 2023

Start Date


July 2023
Full-time Online

End Date


Aug 2023

Start Date


Aug 2023
Full-time Face-to Face

End Date


Sep 2023

Start Date


Sep 2023
Full-time Face-to Face

End Date


Oct 2023

Start Date


Oct 2023
Full-time Online

End Date


Nov 2023

Start Date


Nov 2023
Full-time Face-to Face

End Date


Dec 2023
I would like to apply… where do I turn in my application? – Right here!

If you’d like to turn in your application physically you can visit us

INKEL Tower 1, Near TELK, Angamaly South, Ernakulam District, Kerala, India, 683573

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Do you have any further questions? Here are some FAQs!

About the CertTESOL

To answer this question in simple terms, there really is only one key difference between the two courses – the awarding body. In the case of the Trinity Cert TESOL it’s the Trinity College of London, the oldest language board in the world, who validates the qualification. For the CELTA it’s Cambridge ESOL, part of the examinations board of the University of Cambridge, who validates it. Both courses lead to similar outcomes as they are both internationally recognised EFL teaching certifications of equal standing, allowing access to similar professional opportunities. However, there are minor differences in terms of the course content, pricing, availability of course providers, manner of assessment, course length, etc. which can be explored in detail here, before you make your decision

For native speakers of English, the possibilities are endless – this is the minimum qualification required by employers to teach English as a second language in schools and institutions around the world, be it online or offline. The opportunities for non-native speakers are slightly more limited, as employers generally prefer hiring native speakers in such roles; however, countries in Asia and South America like Japan, the UAE, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Columbia, Nepal and Ecuador are very welcoming to non-native speaking Trinity College London CertTESOL holders. It is important to be realistic about the fact that the passport you hold may open or close certain doors for you; however, if you’re open to adventures and taking chances, there is a plethora of opportunities waiting for you, both online and offline.

Not at all! Trinity only requires entrants to have a minimum qualification and/or experience that would allow entrance to higher education. These do not have to be related to the teaching field or to the English language; however, a minimum English language proficiency of CEFR level C1 or above must be demonstrated to take the course.

Trinity does not distinguish between different grades and as such, as long as a candidate meets the minimum required standard in all assignments and assessments, they are awarded the certification. However, as course providers, we at CILA are authorised to grade participants based on a locally determined criteria; we grade participants on a 3-point scale from A to C for each assessment, where A is the highest pass grade and C is the lowest pass grade. An aggregate grade for your entire performance will also be provided, but not mentioned on your final Trinity College London CertTESOL Certificate.

Yes, it is possible to fail the course, if 3 or more of a participant’s internally assessed assignments do not meet the minimum standard and/or if 1 or more internally assessed assignment has not been submitted for marking before moderation. However, if a participant’s performance is below standard on 1 or 2 assignments, they can be eligible for a referral, which means they are allowed the opportunity to re-submit these assignments.

Yes, you are allowed ONE day’s sick leave; it is necessary to provide a doctor’s certificate for the same. More than one day of absenteeism will not be tolerated unless there is an emergency.

Right here on the official Trinity College London website!

We advise our participants to completely commit themselves to the journey – it is a 5-week intensive course and needs your 100%. We recommend that you have no other academic or professional commitments during the time that you choose to take up the course so that you can get the most out of the experience. It is an enriching learning experience and you can have a lot of fun on the way, but you also have to be prepared for the longest roller coaster of your life! Don’t worry though, we have very supportive tutors who will guide you every step of the way. As long as you come with an open mind and no other distractions, you’ll be good to go.

About the CertTESOL at CILA

There are a number of hostels, hotels, service apartments and homestays in the vicinity. You can find out more about these here.

We will provide an airport or railway station pickup for outstation participants on arrival and we have a bus service for all our students to and from the main gate to the institute everyday. We will not be responsible for your travel beyond this; however, any assistance you may need with renting vehicles, booking a cab, etc. we will be more than happy to provide! All you have to do is ask.

Yes, we strongly recommend that you bring your own laptop for the course as all assignments need to be typed and submitted in print – no handwritten documents will be accepted. CILA has multiple desktop computers with active internet connections that can be used to complete your assignments, should you need to; however, these will only be available from 9 am to 5 pm and are for the perusal of the staff and students alike – as such, we cannot promise that these will always be available to participants for use as per their convenience.

Right at CILA! You can print up to 500 sheets for free. However, there are several print shops at a stone’s throw from the main gate of Inkel INKEL Business Park that are open from Monday to Saturday – you can also visit these if you need anything printed after working hours.

CILA does not provide course participants placements, but we are more than willing to provide participants with all the assistance and guidance we can with understanding how to navigate the job market. If you are interested in working with us after your CertTESOL, we may certainly be able to provide you with a placement at CILA! You can learn more about the current openings at CILA here.
Do you have something else you’d like to know? Leave us a message and we’ll get right back to you!

I did my CertTESOL at CILA in 2019, and my experience was nothing short of phenomenal. The staff at the school are all incredible people who will go above and beyond to aid in your personal and professional development. The students are among the best that you will find anywhere in the world. For both new and experienced teachers, the program here in Kerala is an excellent investment.

Ian Corbett

Oi what a journey! 5 weeks at CILA doing my Trinity CertTESOL have finally drawn to an end. If you're uncertain about doing your course here ... Think no more... The learning, support, guidance and facility here are all of a very high caliber

Gypsy Rose Iyer

It has been a truly enriching and phenomenal experience while undertaking the Trinity CertTesol course at CILA. This course has provided me with the platform and built my foundation to teach English to foreign language students all around the world. The amazing support and knowledge imparted by the Course Director John and our mentor Mayank is priceless. Their passion and dedication towards the students is trully inspiring.

Amrita Singh

A great learning experience...! Recently completed Trinity CertTESOL course from CILA. I really had a wonderful experience here. Highly competent tutors, well-structured and co-ordinated classroom facilities and what more you could ask for. They have provided us the best of everything. I would strongly recommend the course to all the aspiring English teachers. A great place for language learning and teacher training.

Anjana M

I did my Cert TESOL from CILA, Angamaly and it was a wonderful experience. I opted for an offline session and had to wait for it to happen. However, it was worth the wait because the support and guidance I received from their highly qualified and professional trainers in completing the course was immeasurable. I would recommend CILA for anyone who wishes to do their TESOL and become a great English teacher. The course completely changed my perspective towards teaching and gave me a lot of confidence to teach English anywhere across the globe. Thank you CILA for this wonderful opportunity.

Madhusudhanan Nair

If you want to experience and learn new teaching methods, Cert.TESOL is the right course and CILA is the right place to join. Cochin international Language Academy is the only institution in India that provides Cert TESOL course. Working with our course director Mr. John Duthie and tutor Mayank Koushik was an amazing experience for us!

Uthara Uthu

An excellent place to nurture your capacities. The staff is tremendously caring and professional at the same time. The CertTESOL course I did here is worth doing it in the Trinity College of London as the best is bought to your plate and in regards to the foreign standards. The course is offered online now due to the pandemic which is a blessing for students who cannot directly go and study in Kerala. It’s the finest and most scrumptious experience doing the course. I learnt and experienced the best here. I definitely recommend the lot out there who wants to groom their skills for better career prospects or otherwise to make use of this novel opportunity wherein the course is online. It’s been an amazing journey with superb on campus and off campus support. Thanks a million CILA and my tutors. 👍🏻👍🏻 (A 5-star rating is not enough a 10 star is what they deserve) 😊

Nousheen Usman

First and foremost, you are on the right track looking at the fact that you have reached this page. CILA is the only language academy in India that offers the prestigious CertTESOL. I successfully completed this course recently. CILA is class apart. The tutors, John Duthie, Jaimon George and Mayank Kaushik set the bar really high. They will motivate and guide you. They will always be constructive in their feedback. Everything is well structured at CILA. The experience was so incredible that CILA feels like extended family now. The course is really intensive and it is important to set aside everything until you complete the course. It is not possible to continue other commitments. If you are working, take a Sabbatical. If you are an experienced teacher, ensure you keep aside your 'baggage' and hop on to this course just like a fresher to get maximum benefit. Your tutors will help you evolve into an amazing teacher, provided you put your time, energy and soul into it. Learn to accept suggestions from your tutors and peers. Stick to the deadlines for your assignments. Do not let them pile up. Focus on self-improvement. And you will be fine. Each input session will be an eye opener. I definitely recommend CILA.I consider myself really fortunate to have completed the course from this academy. If you are confused between choosing CELTA or CertTESOL, I can vouch for CertTESOL at CILA.

Lavanya Kulkarni-Anikhindi
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