Our Affiliations

Trinity College London

CILA is the only Trinity College London TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification provider in India. The Trinity College London TESOL is the only other certification allowing a gateway into the world of EFL teaching and CILA has the honour of providing these courses. As such, we are providers of both the CertTESOL (An OFQUAL Level 5 qualification) and the DipTESOL (An OFQUAL Level 7 qualification), allowing aspiring and experienced EFL teachers to get one step closer to fulfilling their dreams and developing professionally. Find us on the list of official TESOL certifications providers here.


CILA has been associated with IDP|IELTS since 2013. CILA is an official referral agent as well as an official IELTS exam preparation and registration centre, recognised by IDP. This means we are caught up with any changes or updates in the system and receive all the latest training and practice materials straight from the source. You can read more about the IELTS preparation course at CILA here.

Cambridge University Press

For the past 5 years, CILA has been one of the largest consumers of authentic training materials from the Cambridge University Press in the country. We provide you only the best, be it the Empower series for general English improvement or our IELTS and OET training materials.


Since 2020, CILA has been a Premium Preparation Provider, 1 of the only 7 such institutes in India. To quote OET themselves we have ‘demonstrated high levels of quality in material creation and curriculum planning’. This means we receive first-hand information about changes and updates in the system and all the latest training and practice materials from OET! Find us on their list of Premium Preparation Providers here and read more about the OET preparation course at CILA here.

Our Teaching Methodology

At CILA, we do not believe simply in preparing you for an examination, but rather in facilitating your development as an English language user. We do not fall back on formulaic, boring teaching methods but rather focus on communicative language teaching – by which we aim to improve both your language skills as well as test taking skills. Our lesson plans and materials have even been vetted by Trinity College London and OET, and received their stamp of approval.

Additional Assistance

Our company for study abroad Vostek Global - can assist you on your journey to study abroad right from career counselling to settling in your dream destination. CILA is here to guide you through every step of the way, providing you multidimensional assistance from A to Z.

Our Teaching Staff

We employ only the best because we want to give you the best. All our teachers have a certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from Trinity College London or a Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) from the University of Cambridge, both highly regarded and internationally recognised certifications. Additionally, all our OET teachers are registered OET instructors who have received the OET Knowledge Badge straight from the source. Get to know our teachers better here.

John Leonard Duthie

John started his journey in EFL in 1996 after having completed a BA and then MA in English Language.passed Cambridge DELTA He became an examiner for Cambridge Main Suite exams. He’s taught English, trained English language teachers and managed language departments all over the world. He started training teachers for the British Council and have since gone on to become a course director of both Trinity CertTESOL and DipTESOL courses

Mayank Kaushik

After getting an undergraduate degree in Automobile Engineering, Mayank earned his Trinity CertTESOL, and has recently also succesfully completed his Trinity DipTESOL. Apart from India, he has also worked in Colombia, South America. He has been a Trinity CertTESOL trainer at CILA since 2019.

Jaimon George

Jaimon George is one of the Directors, and the Academic Manager of CILA, Kerala. He has an MA in English Language and Literature and Trinity Licentiate Diploma in TESOL (LTCL Dip TESOL). He has 16 years of teaching experience. He is a tutor of Trinity TESOL and also teaches Writings skills of the IELTS test.

Sojan Mathew

Sojan Mathew is one of the Directors, and the Business Manager of CILA. He has an MA in English Language and Literature, a B.Ed in English and Trinity College London CertTESOL qualification. He is an OET Premium Preparation Provider Knowledge Badge holder. He also handles classes for IELTS Reading skills.

Geetha Raj

A B.A (Literature) graduate with a Trinity CertTESOL and degree in Montessori teaching, Geetha has a total of 6 years of teaching experience teaching students from the age of 3 to 40. Currently, she is an OET trainer and has more than 3 years of experience in the field.

Sanchita Paul

Sanchita is a gold medallist in M.A. English from SPPU. She holds a Trinity CertTESOL and is currently pursuing her Trinity DipTESOL. Having been a freelance English language tutor since the age of 16, she has worked with learners of all ages, and has been an OET trainer at CILA, for the past 2 years. She is also an online spoken English coach, training students from India, Vietnam and China.

Abhilash S Kumar

A homegrown Trinity CertTESOL graduate, Abhilash has over 3 years of experience teaching English and has been training OET candidates at CILA since 2019. Being a mathematics graduate, he takes math classes during his free time.

Priya KM

Priya has a Master's degree in Computer Application. After clearing the IELTS and earning her Trinity CertTESOL degree, she started working as an IELTS trainer at CILA in August 2019. She is a language enthusiast and teaching grammar and phonology is her specialty.

Uthara G

Hailing from Palakkad, Uthara is a Trinity CertTESOL graduate with a Bachelor’s in Education and a Master’s in English. She has been a teacher since 2015 and is currently an IELTS trainer at CILA.

Kevin Jose

Kevin has been teaching English to children and adults since 2020. He has a post-graduate degree in English Language and Literature and earned his Trinity CertTESOL in 2022. He is the newest member of the OET team, having only recently joined us in June 2022.

Madhusudhanan Nair

Madhusushanan did his Master’s in Advertising and Marketing before working as a copy/content writer for a leading advertising agency. Later, he worked as a soft skills trainer and headed the training department for 17 years. He has trained people in over 30 countries. He completed his Trinity CertTESOL in 2021 and is currently working as an OET trainer at CILA. Read More >

Rajeswari Rampa

Rajeswari is a Trinity CertTESOL graduate who has worked as a communicative English trainer for 5 years and is now an IELTS trainer at CILA. She has a Master’s degree in Commerce as well as a Master’s degree in English.

Vidhubala Radhakrishnan

Vidhubala has a Master’s in Management and a Trinity CertTESOL. She’s has earned a TEFL certificate from the American Association of EFL as well. She was a professor of Business Administration (MBA) for 15 years before she started teaching English in 2017. Since then, she has taught learners of all levels and ages, and is currently an IELTS trainer at CILA.

Shaji Pathrose

Shaji is a postgraduate in English Literature. He has been teaching English for around thirty years, ten of which have been exclusively in ELT. He is currently an IELTS trainer at CILA.

Mathew Varghese

Mathew has a Master’s degree in English literature. He was a teacher trainer for 7 years. He has been working as an IELTS trainer at CILA since April 2019 and he mainly teaches Speaking skills of the IELTS test.


Jacob has worked in the field of language teaching for more than 8 years. He has a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, Linguistics Studies Integrated with Teaching, Trinity CertTESOL and is pursuing his Trinity DipTESOL. He has taught English to young and adult learners in different states of India. He has worked as an IELTS trainer for 4 years at CILA.

Kalyani Santhosh

Kalyani is a Trinity CertTESOL certified trainer with over 2 years of experience teaching both children and adults. She graduated with a Master’s in English Language and Literature, and worked as a soft skills trainer at a school for one year. Having joined CILA in 2020 as an IELTS trainer, she brings in her experiences as a non-native English speaker to create warm learning environment.

Anil Samuel

Anil is a qualified in postgraduate degree in Communicative English, and works as an English Language Specialist and an Exam Coordinator. He has been working with CILA since 2018, empowering students of all age groups to foster a creative space in English. As a self-defined anglophile from outer space, he is always on the quest to discover incredible ways English can be applied in everyday life.

Paul Babu

Paul is a graduate in Power Engineering from Canada, and has spent four years working there with native English speakers. Upon his return to India, he realised that teaching English is his passion, leading him to becoming an IELTS trainer at CILA.

Muhammad Shareef

Shareef is a post-graduate in English Literature with a double degree in English as well as Education in addition to his Trinity CertTESOlL. He is currently working as an IELTS trainer at CILA having been a teacher of the English language for the past 6 years.

Ramya Menon

Ramya has started working as an IELTS Trainer immediately after being qualified Trinity College London CertTESOL in November 2019. She has a post graduate degree in Commerce. She has worked in the banking industry at senior positions for over a decade. Her interest and passion for English language led her to this field of training.

Kavitha Unnikrishnan

Kavitha is a qualified English Trainer-Certified TESOL from Trinity College London, CILA. She had gained experience as a communication trainer for the young learners and as a facilitator of Functional English for adults at IB (International Baccalaureate) School. She’s an ELT tutor at CILA since April 2021.

Alina Sajan

Alina has qualified Cambridge CELTA from British Council and a Masters in English Language and Literature from Kerala University. She’s qualified UGC NET as well. Alina is a voracious reader with expertise in English literature. She had begun her career as an Assistant Professor of English. Having discovered her passion for language, she has joined CILA as an English Language Trainer in 2021.

Asha Jacob

Asha has a Masters degree in Nursing. She’s is a specialised nurse in Psychiatry. She’s passionate about English Language teaching and started the language training for healthcare professionals in 2016. She works for CILA since 2021.

Adityavardhan Sasidharan

From flying the skies and embracing a myriad of experiences over a decade of work mostly involving customer interactions, Aditya wished to embark on a journey of teaching English. A Diploma in Hospitality Management from Singapore and the Trinity TESOL course has empowered him to positively impact the English learning journey of many individuals at CILA. He started his teaching career at CILA in 2022.