The DipTESOL is an internationally respected, widely available qualification for experienced teachers of ESOL/EFL. Courses are designed around four distinct units:

  • Unit 1: Language, Teaching and Learning
  • Unit 2: the Teacher as Developmental, Reflective Practitioner
  • Unit 3: Phonological Theory in Classroom Practice
  • Unit 4: Teaching, to include learner analysis, preparation, delivery and self-evaluation

The DipTESOL is regulated in England by Ofqual and registered at Level 7 on the Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework, the same level as master’s degrees and many other post-graduate qualifications.

The DipTESOL is accepted by the British Council as a full English Language Teaching (or ‘TEFL’) qualification for teachers in its accredited teaching organisations in the UK and in its own teaching operations overseas. Having the DipTESOL enables holders to have roles such as examiners, teacher educators and centre managers/directors of studies.