What does the course involve?

The course involves:

  • Aseven month online course involving numerous tasks such as posting comments on important issues in English language teaching, reading papers and book extracts, completing quizzes and writing essays.
  • A 4 week face to face course in which your teaching skills are assessed in 5 lessons taught by you. You take a 30 minute oral exam in phonology and you prepare for a written exam on grammar, teaching skills and professional development.
  • Three projects need to be completed: an Observation Instrument project, a Developmental project and a research project. These should be submitted by mid-July.
How long does the course take?

Seven Months Online and 4 Weeks face to face at Cochin International Language Academy, Cochin, Kerala, India

When does the first course begin in Kerala?

The next on-line course begins on January 2019.

The Face to Face course will be held at Cochin International Language Academy with a Diploma tutor from Oxford TEFL and a Trinity diploma moderator from 28th October 2019 to 22nd November 2019.