What does the course involve?

The course involves:

  • A six month online course involving numerous tasks such as posting comments on important issues in English language teaching, reading papers and book extracts, completing quizzes and writing essays.
  • A 3 week face to face course in which your teaching skills are assessed in 5 lessons taught by you. You take a 30 minute oral exam in phonology and you prepare for a written exam on grammar, teaching skills and professional development.
  • Three projects need to be completed: an Observation Instrument project, a Developmental project and a research project. These should be submitted by mid-July.
How long does the course take?

You can finish the course by Nov 25th 2017 but you are allowed up to 3 years to complete all the components although tutor support will not be available after that unless you pay an extra fee.

When does the first course begin in Kerala?

The on-line course begins on Feb 3rd.

The Face to Face course will be held at Cochin International Language Academy with a Diploma tutor from Oxford TEFL and a Trinity diploma moderator from October 30th – Nov 17th 2017.