1 Year Certificate in Teaching Experience for the non-Indians

If you don’t hold an Indian passport, you can’t actually be a teacher in India. So,  we offer a 1 year internship programme, The Certificate in Teaching Experience, to allow you to gain the experience in teaching and experience life in India.  You will have the opportunities  to teach students of various levels in schools and colleges in India.  This teaching experience certificate helps you to get a full time teaching job.

The Certificate in Teaching Experience is optional.  if you wish to do the internship with CILA, you need to  apply for a 1 year student visa  and if you get accepted and get the visa, you are eligible to stay for 1 year upon completion of the TESOL course.

During the training programme you will be provided with housing and receive a monthly stipend. Students are able to live on less than Rs.1000 a week and you will have plenty of money left over to explore and travel. (Transport is very cheap!)

Working in India

To work as an English teacher in India requires a visa. Currently employment visas are not issued for non-Indian English teachers. However, we can offer you the opportunity to gain teaching experience by taking our Certificate in Teaching Experience (after completing the Cert.TESOL). You will be assigned to a mentor and you will receive weekly seminars to assist in your professional development. You can gain experience teaching various levels of students.

During this course, you will receive free accommodation and a living allowance every month which is sufficient to live comfortably.

This programme is available only to international trainees according to our requirements. Once you are accepted on the course, you will be asked if you wish to participate in this programme so that we can provide you with documentation to apply for a one year student visa.

Once you leave Kerala after 1 year, you will have your Trinity Certificate in TESOL plus one academic year of teaching experience which will stand you in good stead when applying for the numerous teaching opportunities available in other countries.

To apply for the TRINITY CERTIFICATE IN TESOL click here