Working and studying in India

Please note that it is not legally possible for non-Indian English Language teachers to apply for employment visas in India, so if you are not an Indian citizen and do not hold a People of Indian Origin (PIO) card, we cannot find you work in India as this is not legally possible. However, we will help you to find jobs outside India.

If you are an Indian passport holder or a holder of an Indian government card for People of Indian Origin[PIO], applying from outside India, you do not need to apply for a visa but you will be charged the same fees and offered the same conditions as non-Indian passport holders applying from outside India.

Unless you are an Indian citizen or the holder of a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card, you’ll need a 12-month student visa in order to take the Cert TESOL course in India.

Once you have been accepted on the Cert TESOL course, we will provide you with the necessary paperwork and assist you with the process of applying for the student visa.

With this student visa you cannot work, but you can develop your skills in India through our Internships with stipends.

 Internship with stipends

Once you have successfully completed the Trinity Certificate Course with us, you can continue your studies as an intern. In other words you are still a student but, at this stage, you are developing yourself professionally. If you wish to stay on with us, you will have your accommodation paid for you by us and we will provide you with a living allowance of about Rupees 10000 a month. This will be enough for you to cover living expenses if you cook for yourself.

On our Internship Programme you will be paired with a mentor who will work with you to develop the skills you need to deliver not only general English classes. Your mentor will provide pathways for you to upgrade yourself professionally so that you can develop the special skills required to teach Young Learners, young adults preparing for examinations such as the Business English Certificate and adult professionals preparing the IELTS exam. This will ensure that you are not only trained but also experienced when you leave us to look for a job. This is your chance to consolidate your skills in a supportive environment, build up an impressive CV for your first job application and have the experience of teaching Indian students while working with Indian professionals as your colleagues. We will provide you with a Certificate of Experience when you leave.

The Internship period is divided into 6-week supervised internship 8-month supported internship.

6-week supervised internship*

During this period you will continue to write lesson plans and have a short, daily discussion with your mentor about your classes. You will have a one-hour group discussion each week to review areas in which you need support.

8-month supported internship*

You will be responsible for your own lesson planning and only contact your mentor when you need to do so. You will continue to participate in a one-hour group discussion each week.

*accommodation and living allowance provided.