Start date End date
8th August 2022 9th September 2022 (Admissions closed)
12th September 2022 14th October 2022 (Admissions closed)
17th October 2022 18th November 2022 (Full-time onsite course)
21st November 2022 23rd December 2022 (Full-time online course)
4th January 2023 3rd February 2023 (Full-time onsite course)
6th February 2023 10th March 2023 (Full-time onsite course)
13th March 2023 21st April 2023 (Full-time online course)
24th April 2023 26th May 2023 (Full-time onsite course)
29th May 2023 30th June 2023 (Full-time onsite course)
3rd July 2023 4th August 2023 (Full-time online course)
7th August 2023 8th September 2023 (Full-time onsite course)
11th September 2023 13th October 2023 (Full-time onsite course)
16th October 2023 17th November 2023 (Full-time online course)

Trinity CertTESOL onsite and online course fee for courses in 2022

Course Fee is  €1600*  for Non-Indians (€1500* Euros if you pay in full at least 1 month before the start of your course)

Course Fee for Indian citizens: ₹125,000** for the course (₹120000** if you pay in full at least 1 month before the start of your course)

Price includes:

  • Enrolment fee and tuition fee
  • Trinity Cert. TESOL course fees
  • Trinity Cert. TESOL examination fees
  • Trinity Cert. TESOL Certificate fees
  • Books, copies, printouts and teaching materials
  • Expert input and support from a world-class team of highly qualified and experienced tutors
  • Wifi and access to school computers and internet system
  • Visa support (where possible)
  • Certificate of course completion
  • Internationally recognized Trinity Cert. TESOL certificate
  • Discounted tuition fees on Trinity Diploma in TESOL
  • Free pick up from the airport (For onsite courses)

To apply for the TRINITY CERTIFICATE IN TESOL click here