Accommodation during your stay in Kerala

There are several options for your stay in Kerala. All of them are

  • comfortable
  • conveniently-located and
  • low-cost

Current currency  rates

1 US Dollar                            : Rs.60

1 British Pound Sterling  : Rs.100

1 Euro                                      : Rs.80

How much does it cost?

Option 1

Apartments in the Atlas Airport Apartments

This is a modern apartment block for short term accommodation. It is clean and comfortable.

Cost for five weeks: Rs.30000/- (approximately 300 pounds/ 400 euros/ 500 dollars) plus utilities and cleaning

Option 2

Hostels for women and shared house for men

There are hostels nearby for women and there are places in a shared house for men.

Cost for five weeks in the hostels for women: Rs.5000/- including local food (approximately 45 pounds/ 55 euros/ 75 dollars)

Cost for five weeks in the shared house for men:

Shared room – Rs.5500/-(approximately 50 pounds/ 60 euros/ 80 dollars)

Single room – Rs.9000/-(approximately 90 pounds/ 100 euros/ 100 dollars) including air conditioning.

Option 3


There are hotel packages but these are more expensive than the other options.

Cost per week: Rs.52500/- (approximately 525 pounds/ 650 euros/ 750 dollars) including breakfast and air conditioning.

Once accepted on the Course, please email us with your preference so that we can arrange  it. There is no charge for this service.

What is the accommodation like?

  • Lord Krishna: modern, clean and comfortable with facilities for cooking and washing
  • Hostels for women: clean but with limited facilities
  • Shared house for men: modern, clean and comfortable with facilities for cooking and washing
  • Hotels: modern, clean and comfortable but no cooking facilities. But there are many restaurants nearby.

All accommodation options have air-conditioning except the hostel for women.

How do I book accommodation?

Once you are accepted on the course, send an email with your accommodation preferences so that we can book the accommodation for you. There is a free pick up and drop service for international arrivals and departures from the airport if you require it. Please send your flight number and arrival time at least 24 hours in advance. We regularly monitor the standard of the accommodation.

More information

If you have any questions or inquiries about our course accommodation options, please don’t hesitate to email at



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